Deer: Artists' Impressions

Deer: Artists' Impressions

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Eight leading sporting artists each have their own chapter in which they portray deer in their own unique style


There are moments experienced whilst stalking that encapsulate the heightened sense of awareness and anticipation that only the hunter can feel. Whether it's the cold dampness of the knees and hands on a wet hill side crawl, or the brittle crunch of boot on dried autumnal leaves in the woodland — these are the moments that are conveyed by the artists in their work.

In this book, eight leading sporting artists each have their own chapter in which they portray the deer in their own unique style. From delicate pencil drawings to vivid watercolours and luxurious oils, they are images to be treasured as they capture the thrill that deer evoke. Brief natural history notes for each species are also included, however this is first and foremost an insight into how each artist approaches their subject.


Ashley Boon, Ben Hoskyns, Ian MacGillivray, Rodger McPhail, Martin Ridley, Jonathan Salisbury, Keith Sykes and Owen WIlliams are amongst Britain's leading sporting artists. Also included is authoritative, accompanying text from Graham Downing.

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Sub Heading Foreword by HRH The Prince of Wales
ISBN 9781846891847
Author Ashley Boon, Ben Hoskyns, Ian MacGillivray, Rodger McPhail, Martin Ridley, Jonathan Sainsbury, Keith Sykes, Owen Williams, Graham Downing
Binding Casebound
Extent 280mm x 280mm, 152 pages
Illustrations Colour throughout
Ebook No

'This magnificent volume brings together the work of eight of our foremost wildlife artists. Each artist writes of their own experience of deer and, as you would expect, there are stunning images in contrasting styles of painting, pencil drawing and scraper board, while the accompanying words give a fascinating insight into the world of the artist and the deer. As Rodger McPhail points out, deer were among the first creatures depicted on the wall of caves more than 4,000 years ago and the evocative images in this superb book show their magic is undiminished. Some coffee table books lie untouched, this is one that you will constantly pick up.' BASC Shooting & Conservation

'This book is a modern interpretation of deer, and not only red deer, in the Highlands but also in various parts of the UK including fallow deer, roe deer, sika deer, muntjac and Chinese water deer. Each have a magic of their own that is represented by the eight leading sporting artists in this book. In their own way the artists have portrayed the deer, and a few other aspects on the way, and the result is a rich assemblage of works.' Ray Collier, Highland News Group

'Capturing the beauty of out natural world on screen, print or canvas is a tough job. in Deer: Artists' Impressions, sporting artists including Keith Sykes and Rodger McPhail explain the lengths they go to in order to gain lengthy access to their quarry in its natural environment, and in doing so offer an amazing insight into both themselves and their work. The writings certainly add zest to the dozens of remarkably vivid watercolours, pencil sketches, oils and scraperboard illustrations of the six species found on our shores. With a foreword by HRH The Prince of Wales the book comes with royal approval, and deservedly so.' Shooting Gazette

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