Antlers 2nd edition

Antlers 2nd edition

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New colour edition of Dennis Walrod's popular guide to antlers. Includes the latest antler trends


This new edition of Dennis Walrod’s guide to antlers includes the latest information about trends in antler size, shape and new predictions about the future of antlers. Now in full color, this US manual discusses collecting shed antlers, the Bonne & Crockett antler scoring system, and crafts and artwork featuring antlers. Detailed instructions for mounting antlers and other ways of displaying them are given.


Dennis Walrod has written for over a dozen outdoor magazines, including Outdoor Life, Field and Stream and Deer and Deer Hunting.

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Sub Heading A Guide to Collecting, Scoring, Mounting and Carving
ISBN 9780811705967
Author Dennis Walrod
Binding Paperback
Extent 230 x 152mm, 214 pages
Illustrations 76 colour photographs, 13 illustrations and 30 charts
Ebook No

'This is a delightful little book concerned with the carving of antlers. The book is mainly centered on species, organisations and methods found in the Americas - there is a complete chapter devoted to measuring using the Boone and Crockett club method. That said, if you have an interest in collecting antlers, or indeed carving antlers, then this book will be a very welcome addition to the bookshelf. There is no doubt that antlers in today's society have incredible value. Handicraft techniques and carving methods have almost become a specialist form of artwork, and these intricate carvings command high prices. This book is an equal blend of natural history and instructional guide. It offers a fascinating survey of all things antler, from biology to the new ivory.  Much practical instruction is conveyed to the reader regarding actual harvesting and carving, which will be instructional to both collectors and craftsmen.'

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