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Posted on 10/01/2020 in Quiller news

Promised yourself to read more this year? Let us help…

Serving you our 2020 at a glance… Brace yourselves: we have an exciting line-up of everything from a thought-provoking account of financial injustice, enlightening biographies, passionate calls to action, the ultimate guide for training the beloved cocker spaniel, and two stunning coffee-table publications, one a collection of some of the finest art from wildlife artist Rodger McPhail and the other a photographic journey through some of Britain’s finest shooting estates, AND more… Needless to say, it’s going be a busy year, but we’re ready!

Tails of Tottering Hall by Annie Tempest

Annie Tempest has an undeniable knack for depicting the day-to-day antics of the English upper-class. Her latest compilation of rib-tickling cartoons, Tails of Tottering Hall, follows spirited traditionalists Dicky and Daphne Tottering together with their adored and exceedingly-spoilt canine companions, Slobber and Scribble. The charm of this title lies in its endearing depiction of this couple’s attempts to navigate an increasingly-modernised world alongside their mischievous pooches, both of whom hold a firm place in their owners’ affections, permitting them to wreak all kinds of havoc with minimal consequences.  Annie Tempest’s ability to comically depict the highs and lows of dog ownership is second to none — and it stands as a heart-warming reminder that, despite muddy paws on the carpet and the occasional raiding of the fridge, we will love them all the same. 

The Cocker Spaniel: Care and Training for Home and Sport by Janet Menzies

With the cocker spaniel fast becoming one of the most popular breeds, this latest title from canine aficionado Janet Menzies is split into three comprehensive sections, offering all the guidance you’ll need to train this beloved breed through each stage of its life. With many readers coming to cockers for the first time, this book’s timeline starts at the earliest stages of care and training, only then beginning to integrate the building blocks required to make your canine companion an excellent gundog — setting out to ensure that this transition is accessible, seamless and easy to achieve. Built from the foundations of a detailed history of the breed, it covers everything from the most basic of training commands, diet and healthcare, to obedience training, field trials and competitions. The Cocker Spaniel has been crafted with the intention of being the only book you’ll ever require on the subject; it also features a very handy A-Z problem-solving guide, for those little nagging issues you typically don’t quite know how to look up!

Wild Farming: The Challenge of Re-Wilding for Food and Wildlife by Robin Page

The Decline of an English Village author Robin Page is back with yet another insightful cri de cœur. As if farmer, author and political activist wasn’t enough, Page is also the founder of the Countryside Restoration Trust, a charity dedicated to wildlife-friendly farming and the restoration of traditional farming methods . The author is passionate that the relationship between wildlife and food production needn’t be so fractured; he assures us that Britain’s wildlife can be saved and nurtured alongside the production of high-quality food. Controversially addressing the ongoing concerns about re-wilding and climate change, he offers various approaches to reintegrating our beloved wildlife back into the British countryside, where it rightfully belongs. This isn’t just a book about farming and wildlife; it’s a call for action from a rural cultural minority ignored in Britain — a minority with some very important questions to ask regarding modern agricultural practices.

Inside Allenwood: The Story of a British Banker in a US Prison by Giles Darby

Giles Darby, former British banker, was extradited and jailed on account of his entanglement in a $7m wire-fraud case involving major retail bank NatWest and US energy giant Enron. This is his story.

In 2001, Giles and his co-defendants – branded the ‘NatWest Three’ – became the subject of extensive media coverage following Enron’s collapse, with the US government demanding their extradition in relation to one of the biggest bankruptcy filings in history. After almost ten years of appeal, desperate to bring their ordeal to a close, they each pled guilty to one count of wire fraud, accepting a grim fate of facing thirty-seven months in a US prison. During his incarceration, Giles met people from all walks of life, and it’s in this book that he recollects the unexpected antics of the larger-than-life characters he met. Focusing on his life in prison, Inside Allenwood is an eye-opening appraisal of the American justice system, and one man’s story of how he managed to keep his health and sanity intact amongst a drudgery of lockdowns, the dangers of routine violence, and the agony of being separated from everyone he loved.

Rodger McPhail: An Artist by Nature by Rodger McPhail

Follow esteemed wildlife artist Rodger McPhail as he takes a retrospective look at a collection of some of his most stunning paintings and portraits of the last twenty years. As a keen naturalist who has spent countless hours tracking and observing his wildlife subjects, these works have been selected on the basis that they truly capture his love and enthusiasm for the natural world. Rodger’s versatility is truly extraordinary; equally at home in watercolours as he is in oils, he is a master of the finest detail, and his remarkably fluid and evocative paintings truly pay homage to this. Shedding light on how he works, his experiences, and the intricacies of being an artist, Rodger McPhail: An Artist by Nature features an insightful chapter where he reveals the answers to his most frequently asked question, including how long it takes him to paint a picture, and whether he can only paint when the mood strikes.

85 Not Out by Ted Dexter

This is the awe-inspiring autobiography of former international cricketer Ted Dexter, a man renowned for his ferociously powerful and debonair approach to England’s national sport.

Fondly known as ‘Lord Ted’, Dexter was a fiery batsman and right-arm swing bowler of the highest order. He captained England from 1961 to 1962 and was appointed president of the Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) in 2001. This biography stands as a rip-roaring insight into life after cricket, delving into the intricacies of his personal life, his family, and his experiences with betting, journalism, writing, and various other business ventures. It’s destined to unravel as an entertaining read for anyone who relates to Ted’s fervid enthusiasm for both cricket and life.

David Shepherd: Artist and Conservationist by J C Jeremy Hobson

This authorised biography delves into the extraordinary life of wildlife painter and world’s most outspoken conservationist, David Shepherd.

As founder and president of the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation, David’s enthusiasm for painting wildlife, steam trains and RAF aircrafts came not just from the act itself, but from his paintings’ ability to convey the importance of preserving and protecting these invaluable assets for generations to come. Jeremy Hobson sets out to distill all of David’s artistic talents, incredible achievements, eccentricities and larger-than-life character into one absorbing volume (no mean feat!), utilising his exclusive access to family archives, private diaries, personal anecdotes and never-before-seen paintings and sketches to mould a palpable portrait of a truly remarkable man.

Shooting Estates of Britain by Jonathan McGee

Innovative British photographer Jonathon McGee captures the essence of some of Britain’s most beautiful shooting estates in this striking coffee table publication.

Shooting Estates of Britain: A Photographic Journey celebrates Jonathan’s life as a sporting photographer, standing as an equally evocative and picturesque tribute to the beloved British countryside. Visually documenting the various personalities, best and worst shots, exuberant gundogs and vigilant beaters in the field, Jonathan has beautifully captured the peaks and troughs of shoot days, showcasing all that the shooting community have to offer.

Jonathan McGee is a British photographer and filmmaker. Despite embarking on a number of media-related projects around the globe, when it comes to his passion for the great outdoors, he’s made sure to stick to his guns – quite literally.

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