Smoking Food at Home with Smoky Jo Smoking Food at Home with Smoky Jo

"When your moniker is Smoky Jo, readers keen to turn trout into a taste sensation can be confident they have picked up the right book. Jo Hamspon and Georgina Perkins guide the reader through the art (definitely an art, rather than a science), from the mechanics of smoking and how to smoke food (starting with brining and basics) to types of smoker.

The list of herbs and spices to use with different meat is useful, as is the smoking guide for different foods. It is startling to realise it’s not just the usual suspects that make for the tastiest results.

You can attend a smoking course with Smoky Jo in Cumbria, if you can snag a place. If not, this book is almost as good as having her beside you."

This review was published in The Field's September 2016 issue.