Need a fly fishing fix but can't get out? Take a look at 'The Tug is The Drug'

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The Tug is the Drug 37 Fly Fishing Essays from the New York Times & Beyond

If you read the Drake, American Angler, Fly Fish Journal or own a copy of Fifty Places to Fly Fish before you die then you’ll know the writing of Chris Santella.

If you haven’t and want to, then The Tug is The Drug is a good place to start.

The book contains 37 essays on fly fishing that first appeared in the New York Times where we are taken in search of trout, salmon, roosterfish, carp and many other species too. You’ll travel from the Ponoi River to Havana and farther still in the pursuit of fish.

Each essay is deeply descriptive, funny in places and thought provoking too. I have always enjoyed the author's style and this book continues in the same vein.

The Tug is The Drug is the perfect read for the angler who can’t get to the water or is away on holiday wanting to read about their favourite pastime.

Originally published in issue 68 of Eat, Sleep, Fish, which can be read here