Independent Champagne Retailer of the Year, Derek Morrison of The Good Wine Shop reviews the wonderful 'Bursting Bubbles'

Bursting Bubbles“Bursting Bubbles is an absolute pleasure to read from start to finish. Packed with insightful perspectives, Robert Walters captures the people and history of Champagne unlike any other book.  It’s very rare that a book on wine manages to fit both wine experts and novices equally.  Whether you consider yourself an expert on Champagne, or you’ve never popped a cork in your life, Bursting Bubbles has plenty to offer both ends of the spectrum and everyone in between.

Walters introduces us to today’s most inspiring growers in the region in a candid tour of Champagne from north to south.  These iconic vignerons’ stories, coupled with Walters’ astute observations, help paint a vivid portrait of the region, its wines, and the determined people behind them.  While obviously a passionate advocate for the great wines of Champagne, Walters maintains a critical and measured approach which sheds light on important blemishes of viticultural and commercial realities across the region.  These thought provoking reflections are interspersed with well-researched chapters which dispel popular myths and misconceptions about the regions’ history and evolution.  All these elements combine for a well-paced and dynamic read which challenges, rewards, and inspires the reader.

Simply put, this is a must-read book for any wine lover who has an ounce of interest in Champagne.  If this book doesn’t inspire you to seek out the wines of these great growers profiled at the end, then read it again!”

Derek Morrison – The Good Wine Shop & Co-Founder of “Grower Champagne Month