Horse magazine make The Power of Coaching Novembers 'BOOK OF THE MONTH'

Power of Coaching cover aw.indd

The November issue of Horse Magazine has made The Power of Coaching its 'BOOK OF THE MONTH', they also gave it an excellent review which was as follows....

"A good coach can release the potential of a rider and this book will equip you with the skills and techniques you need to achieve this.
It sets out the true meaning of coaching and how someone in this role can best support, encourage and develop an equestrian athlete.
It is packed with advice and central to the book are thought-provoking scenarios which offer useful learning points and will enable anyone in coaching to understand the right way to deal with anything and everything.
Featuring a foreword by Olympic gold medalist Carl Hester, it is a must-read for anyone currently coaching or wanting to go into the profession, but it also offers a fascinating insight for riders."