Eat, Sleep, Fish cast an eye over 'Nymph Masters'

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Nymph Masters Fly Fishing Secrets From Expert Anglers

We’re lucky right now, there are a whole host of nymph fishing books that are hitting bookshelves that are helping us learn more and enabling us to become better anglers.

Nymph Master is the latest by well-known American angling writer Jason Randall.

The 284 pages takes us through water craft and the differing methods of fishing nymphs including their pros and cons. I particularly liked “Where trout are” chapter that looks closely at the dynamics of a variety of different pools and the effect of the flow and where the fish might lie. This is really well thought out and expertly described too.

Jason comes from a scientific background which really helps the way he approaches, asses and describes topics enabling the more experienced angler to think about what he has written while not leaving a newcomer confused. This is a real skill.

Another added bonus is that the book features input and fly patterns from a number of Jason’s friends including: Gary Borger,George Daniel, Joe Humphreys and Lefty Kreh.

I really enjoyed reading Nymph Masters and think it is a great addition to any thinking fly angler's library.

Originally published in issue 67 of Eat, Sleep, Fish, which can be read here