Ludlow Cookbook Series: A Curry Book

Ludlow Cookbook Series: A Curry Book

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More than 100 years old, this book remains a model of it's type, with clear instructions and classic Anglo-Indian recipes.



Henrietta Hervey, published this little classic in 1895. On returning from years in India she brought her 'dekchies' (Indian metal cooking vessels), her curry powders, curry stone, and an enthusiasm for curry making. Although her book is more than 100 years old, the classic Anglo-Indian recipes all work and are as good today as ever.

Within it's pages you'll find recipes — for soups, fish, curries and more — such as: Mock Turtle soup, "Ballachow" rice, Chicken curry, "Khoorma" curry, "Bombay" pudding, a wide range of chutneys to accompany main dishes and pages where you can make your own notes.

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Sub Heading Anglo
ISBN 9781900318334
Author Henrietta Hervey
Binding Hardback
Extent 180mm x 120mm, 48 pages
Illustrations No
Ebook No
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