The Power of Coaching

The Power of Coaching

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An innovative approach to coaching whereby the authors have merged their knowledge of equestrian sport with commercial business management enabling a more practical approach and the release of more potential in equestrian athletes



This is an innovative book where the authors have comprehensively combined their expertise, to produce a thought-provoking approach to coaching. 

Merging the knowledge of equestrian sport with commercial business management and coaching, the book invites the coach and learner to consider the joint responsibility involved in creating a secure learning experience.  Exploring such subjects as:  self awareness, emotional resilience, mindset affecting performance and self reflection, the authors encourage the reader to constantly move forward, adapt and be tenacious. Learning from the best and worst experiences to further self confidence and skill ability.  The relationship with the horse being pivotal, the book invites the coach and learner to be the ‘best they can be.’  Components are discussed that ensure facilitation and achievement of your goals – whatever they might be.

  • Innovative and inspirational guide for riders and coaches
  • Easy to dip in and out of with checklists, hints and tips
  • Illustrated throughout with colour diagrams and artistic images
  • Includes case studies teaching the reader to learn from the best and worst experiences
  • Foreword by Carl Hester MBE, winner of Team Gold @ 2012 London Olympics


Islay Auty is a Fellow of The British Horse Society, BD accredited coach and judge and has a degree in Education. In her four decades in the horse industry her area of expertise has evolved in the development of under 21 riders and in training coaches. She has International experience in these fields, as well as regularly coaching many competitive partnerships. Previous titles for Kenilworth Press include Coaching Skills for Riding Teachers (978-1-905693-08-5), Progressive School Exercises (978-1-872119-38-0) and the BHS Complete Training Manuals Stages 1 - 3.

Penny Pollard has a Masters degree in management learning. She is recognised as an eminent international organisation development consultant.  Director of Core Context Consulting Ltd and Chairman of British Dressage, Penny specialises in Global Leadership development programmes, coaching significant executives, strategic planning and effectiveness in management. She is also an Associate Fellow of the Imperial College, Business Schools.

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Sub Heading Releasing Surprising Potential in Equestrian Athletes
ISBN 9781910016107
Author Islay Auty and Penny Pollard
Binding Paperback
Extent 240 x 170mm, 208 pages
Illustrations Colour photographs
Ebook No

"I used to instruct myself, and I found this fascinating. It's written by a Fellow of the British Horse Society and a specialist in management learning and the result is a motivational book with lots of useful advice. It answers questions such as 'why can some people ride but not coach', and explains the psychological blocks that we all tend to put up from time to time when we're being coached ourselves. It's very easy to lay the blame for a poor performance on weather conditions, the horse or other external factors when we want to avoid taking responsibilty as riders. Although this book is aimed primarily as a tool for coaches, there's a lot of useful information for riders as well, such as how to pick the right coach and work them to release your potential." —  Horses and Countryside

"A particularly brave statement to make about the book appears on the inside cover: ‘Components are discussed that ensure facilitation and achievement of your goals – whatever they might be.’. I would say that there is an excellent chance of this claim being lived up to in this excellently thought-out, written and presented book, which sets out a clear structure to the coaching/learning process in a way that makes it easy to digest and put into practice. Whether or not readers are looking for a professional coaching qualification (and that is the way for would-be professionals to go in this 21st century), they will learn a very great deal about the equestrian learning process from its pages as a rider, trainer or teacher. As the sub-title says, you could surprise yourself. - Tracking Up (you can read the full article here)

"Islay Auty and Penny Pollard invite the coach and learner to consider the joint responsibility involved in creating a secure learning experience." — Horse and Hound (you can read the full article here)

"The Power of Coaching by authors Islay Auty and Penny Pollard, look at how successful coaching can help riders maximise performance and achieve their goals" — British Dressage 

"A good coach can release the potential of a rider and this book will equip you with the skills and techniques you need to achieve this. It is a must-read for anyone currently coaching or wanting to go into the profession, but it also offers a fascinating insight for riders." — Horse magazine (you can read the full article here)

"A good coach and the inquisitive learner will defiantly seek out and learn from this book.  It is packed full of information and easy, sensible ways of explaining complex behavioral relationships and reactions. The book deals with not only coaching but will also serve as an aid to anyone who has been coached in the equestrian field. The book does penetrate and, whatever age or level the coach or learner, this easy to read book is very much worth taking some time out to digest. It is an asset." — Simon J Martin, Haynet (you can read the full review here)

“This is an excellent book that I can highly recommend. It will be an excellent reference book for any established coach or anyone taking their coaching qualifications. Anyone reading this book can learn what type of learner they are, which applies to both the rider and coach, which will help with their self-awareness. The biggest thing I took away from the book is that learning should be regarded as an investment, a ongoing thing, and that your coach should be a confidant and someone you respect” " — Vanessa Hill, Haynet (you can read the full review here)

"From my perspective as a parent of a young rider I was quickly engaged by the book; recognising situations both positive and negative from our training experiences; and have gathered tools to use in the future.  I am sure that I will be revisiting this book for guidance as and when we have new training challenges and would recommend it to others.” — Sarah Porter, Haynet (you can read the full review here)

"...shows how authors can combine their expertise in coaching and business acumen to produce a worthwhile merger. Exploring subjects such as self awareness, emotional resilience, mindset and performance, both writers encourage the reader/rider to constantly move forward, adapt, be positive and enhance skill and ability. With a foreword introduction by the magnificent Carl Hester, the ladies have secured a recommendation which few could question and most will appreciate."  — The Essex Rider

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