Learn to Ride Using Sports Psychology

Learn to Ride Using Sports Psychology

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Explains how riders can overcome fear, focus the mind, and develop positive thinking. Novices make rapid, trouble-free progress; more experienced riders go on to achieve greater success.

This book offers an exciting 'learning to ride' approach using sports psychology techniques. Through simple explanations and numerous illustrations the book sets out a dynamic learning system, which can be used to advantage by novice and advanced riders alike, and by instructors wishing to enhance their teaching skills. Written by two top German riding instructors the book explains how you can overcome fear, focus the mind, employ positive thinking, eradicate established faults, enjoy trouble-free learning, make rapid progress and eliminate competition nerves. Using a totally fresh concept, the book looks into the precise detail of how to ride, starting from scratch. It analyses the rider's position at halt and in motion, in walk, trot and canter, and over jumps, and describes the aids for a variety of ridden exercises, including circles, turns, half-halts, leg-yield, half turn on the forehand and rein-back. The instruction is so specific that in every exercise, the rider knows, even before he starts to ride the movement, exactly what he is supposed to be doing and how he should set about achieving it. Using feedback and mental rehearsal he will also know how to repeat the movement successfully.

Contents include:

  • Psychological training
  • Coping with fear and learning how to fall
  • Beginnings
  • The fundamentals of riding
  • Individual exercises
  • Jumping
  • Putting it all together

The book also has helpful suggestions for the instructor and instructor's tips, and numerous problems and tips for dealing with faults and difficulties.

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Sub Heading No
ISBN 9781872082868
Author Petra & Wolfgang Holzel
Binding Hardback
Extent 255 x 195mm, 160 pages
Illustrations Black & white photographs & diagrams
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'A superb book.....of immense value to any teacher'. Jane Goldsmith

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