Sight Hounds

Sight Hounds

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In Sight Hounds, Juliette Cunliffe reveals both the varied past and fascinating present of the Afghan Hound, Borzoi, Deerhound, Greyhound, Irish Wolfhound, Saluki and Whippet. She also includes a comprehensive chapter on lurchers and longdogs and gives a brief insight into some of the less well-known sight hounds. 
As well as providing a well-researched historical perspective, Juliette Cunliffe's book gives sound and practical advice on the care and management of the breeds from breeding, whelping and rearing to grooming, training and general health. The author also investigates common problems specific to each breed, ensuring this is a complete guide to the Hounds and their upbringing. This versatile group of Hounds, all of which hunt primarily by sight, is not only popular in the show ring but in other activities too. With its informative text and wealth of illustrations, Sight Hounds makes thoroughly absorbing reading for anyone interested in dogs, especially if they are involved with Hounds.

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Sub Heading Their History, Management and Care
ISBN 9781904057789
Author Juliette Cunliffe
Binding Hardback
Extent 280 pages
Illustrations Black & white photographs & diagrams
Ebook No
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