Long-Reining with Double Dan Horsemanship

Long-Reining with Double Dan Horsemanship

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Build a stronger partnership with your horse from the ground with the use of long reins


Are you ready to build a stronger partnership with your horse? Hoping to achieve a remarkable softness from the ground before you swing into the saddle? Starting a youngster or working to overcome training and behavioural problems in an older mount? Becoming bored with endless round-penning?

Australian equestrian stars Dan James and Dan Steers of Double Dan Horsemanship are here to show every horse owner the basic steps to an infinitely usable training skill: long-reining. If ever there was hidden treasure in the diverse and ever-evolving realm of horsemanship, it is this under used but incredibly valuable practice. Long-reining benefits every equestrian discipline—as James and Steers demonstrate—improving the horse’s self-carriage and responsiveness to the aids, and your feel and timing, like nothing else, and all from a safe and controlled position on the ground.

Bring long-reining into your barn with these 20 easy-to-understand lessons, explained step-by-step with full-colour photographs, including: how to use and hold long reins, how to introduce them to your horse, how to navigate with accuracy and change speed, and how perform lateral work that improves your horse’s flexibility and overall movement. Invaluable for starting a youngster or working to overcome training and behavioural problems in an older mount.


Dan Steers Growing up in Western Australia Dan Steers first discovered his love for horses in his early teens; at 15 he began working for master farrier and horseman Pete Webber developing his horsemanship and farrier skills. At 17, Steers began working for cutting trainer, Corry Holden, where he spent months training horses and was quickly recognized for his achievements in the show ring. Before long he was conducting regular horsemanship clinics and became highly respected for his skills, talent and ability to communicate.

In 2008, Steers joined his good friend, Dan James, in Western Australia at El Caballo Spanish Horse Centre where they performed together each weekend in the “Dan and Dan Show” developing their horsemanship techniques. In 2009, Steers and James relocated to New South Wales and Double Dan Horsemanship was born leading both young stars down the Pathway to Liberty.

Starting and training horses with the Double Dan Horsemanship method and showcasing their talents is Steers’ true passion. By combining education and entertainment Steers electrifies crowds around the world.

Dan James Born in Queensland Australia on a small cattle farm, Dan James, first began his lifelong passion with horses at six weeks old. The family milking goat would suffice until he got his first pony. Starting his first colt in his early teens sparked his hunger to understand more about the horse’s thinking patterns. After studying at Longreach Pastoral College, James began traveling the world to gain a better understanding of horses. In 2008, James was recognized as a world class colt trainer when he won the “Way of the Horse” at Equitana Asia Pacific and in 2012, James wowed judges again with his incredible training techniques winning the coveted Road to the Horse International Colt Starting World Champion title.

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Sub Heading Safe, Controlled Ground Techniques to Build an Effective Partnership on the Ground and Success in the Saddle
ISBN 9781570767401
Author Dan Steers and Dan James with Kayla Starnes
Binding Paperback
Extent 254 x 204mm, 176 pages
Illustrations 137 colour photographs and 10 colour illustrations
Ebook No

'If you have ever seen the Double Dans perform a long-reining demonstration, I am sure that you have been amazed by their skill and talent. Here at North American Western Dressage, we understand that good horsemanship begins on the ground. Long-reining can help you and your horse develop a great deal of harmony before you ever get in the saddle, and your horse can learn to use his body in a beneficial manner—without the added weight of a rider. Working your horse from the ground enhances physical and emotional fitness, and this is a great step-by-step guide to help you, with lots of terrific exercises.' JEN JOHNSON, Chief Executive Director, North American Western Dressage (NAWD)

'Dan James and his partner in Double Dan Horsemanship, Dan Steers, are very well suited to offer advice in achieving success with long-lining techniques in a friendly, easy-to-follow manner.' BO JENÅ, FEI 4* Judge and Long-Lining Expert

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