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From gamekeeping and running your own shoot, to game shooting and shooting excuses, Quiller Publishing has a superb selection of books. Between the Coverts is the latest addition to our range where Charles Smith-Jones has written the most superb shooting man's bedside book. Simply click on the book covers for more information.

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  1. On Your Shoot

    Invaluable reference tool for gamekeepers and those with an interest in running and managing a shoot Learn More
  2. Moorland Management

    A comprehensive and practical guide for managing moorland in the twenty first century. Learn More
  3. Mastering Skeet

    Fundamental shooting techniques for hitting the target in championship form. Learn More
  4. The Keen Shot's Miscellany

    The ideal stocking-filler for anyone who shoots. Learn More
  5. Instinctive Shot

    A practical , straight-forward manual on how to become a better game shooter. Learn More
  6. The Imperfect Shot


    The perfect gift for the imperfect Shot! A very humourous collection of experiences, faux pas and misdemeanours in the shooting field with anecdotes and tales of many light-hearted incidents from throughout the world.

    Learn More
  7. Hunting Ducks and Geese

    This engaging guide covers all the techniques of hunting waterfowl Learn More
  8. How to be Asked Again

    A step-by-step guide to modern shooting etiquette stuffed full of amusing quotes and anecdotes. Learn More
  9. Grouse Shooting

    A practical guide to partaking in the pursuit of the red grouse and a celebration of the finest shooting in the British Isles. Learn More
  10. The Grouse

    Out of stock

    This book is first and foremost an insight into how each artist approaches his subject. Learn More

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