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For the gun enthusiast, we have a superb collection on British gunmakers including Holland & Holland, James Purdey & Sons and Boss & Co and for the German gun enthusiast – German Hunting Guns of the Golden Era.

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  1. Hatcher's Notebook

    A superb reference guide for shooters, gunsmiths, ballisticians, historians and collectors Learn More
  2. Gunsmithing

    This book covers every phase of gunwork from selecting the stock blank through to metal engraving and blueing. Includes a working guide containing full data which will prove invaluable to every gunsmith. Learn More
  3. Gun Engraving

    This beautiful book charts the history and development of gun engraving. Learn More
  4. Gun Craft: Fine Guns And Gunmakers In The 21st Century

    In Gun Craft Vic Venters draws on extensive research and in-depth interviews as he examines today Learn More
  5. Gas, Air and Spring Guns of the World

    Gas, Air and Spring Guns of the World is one of the first American books on high-power, high-precision air and gas weapons. Learn More
  6. Firearm Blueing & Browning

    A comprehensive manual with more than 230 formulas for chemical and heat colouring of gun metals and for other processes-ruse removal, barrel finishing, nickel plating-with practical instructions and notes. Learn More
  7. Fine European Gunmakers

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    Marco Nobili's new work, Fine European Gunmakers showcases the skills of the best craftsmen from continental Europe and the author brings to life in words and pictures their finest sporting guns. Learn More
  8. Checkering & Carving Gunstocks

    This guide to gunstock checkering covers virtually every basic pattern, tool and method and all the checkering types are presented in depth, as are carving patterns. Learn More
  9. The British Sporting Gun and Rifle

    In this major work the author details the many changes that occurred. He describes at length the pinfire, centre-fire and hammerless developments along with all the ancillary changes made to sporting guns. Learn More
  10. The British Shotgun Series

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    SPECIAL OFFER buy The British Shotgun Volumes One to Three for Learn More

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