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From dog breeding and feeding to caring and gundog training we stock a wide range dog books. Total Recall has proved hugely popular and is joined this year with Janet Menzies' From Puppy to Perfect and Tom Quinn's Barking Mad – Two Centuries of Great Dog Stories. Simply click on the cover image of any title for more information.

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  1. Essential Care for Dogs

    Regular Price: £16.95

    Special Price £4.24

    This book is an introduction in how to provide your dog with a more natural way of life. Learn More
  2. Dog Training with Mr Perks

    Out of stock

    What Mr Perks doesn't know about training dogs could fill a book....and here it is. Learn More
  3. Dog Training and Behaviour

    Dog Training and Behaviour is a book that looks beyond the basic training of a dog to the complex workings of a dog's mind. Learn More
  4. The Complete Jack Russell

    This book covers all aspects of the breed - care, feeding, showing, first aid, medical treatment, housing, training and breeding. Learn More
  5. The Complete Gundog Training Manual

    Out of stock

    Whether you are a wildfowler with a labrador, a rough shooter with a spaniel or enjoy more formal shooting with a retriever this book will help you get the best from your dog Learn More
  6. Canine Capers

    Limited copies remaining

    Over 350 jokes to make your tail wag

    Learn More
  7. Bedlingtons in the Field

    This comprehensive manual covers everything readers need to know about working Bedlingtons. Learn More
  8. Total Recall

    This is a superb book for anyone training a puppy, whether it's your first time, or your tenth! Learn how to enjoy your training journey, improve your relationship and have fun with your dog!
    An international bestseller, this book is divided into three parts: Preparation; a detailed Recall Training Programme; and a problem solving section.
    Enjoy your training journey, improve your relationship and have fun with your dog!
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  9. Barking Mad

    Regular Price: £14.95

    Special Price £10.00

    2015-08-21 00:00:00

    A unique collection of extraordinary, touching and sometimes bizarre but true stories covering sporting dogs (and hounds), military mascots, eccentric companions, war heroes and Royal dogs
    Stories include everything from the Labrador that saved its master from drowning to the hound that spent years travelling unaccompanied across England by train to the pooch that carried a penny to the local bakery every day to buy its own cakes.
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  10. The Total Dog Manual
    2016-02-01 00:00:00

    The definitive resource for dog owners – all you ever need to know from how to choose and understand your dog through to training and caring. This will help all dog owners to have the best possible relationship with your dog throughout their life. Learn More

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