We have selected a number of titles which we consider to make great gifts, whether for birthdays. Christmas, or just thank you's. If you are unsure or don't see what you are looking for – please do call us, we are here to help and could hopefully point you in the right direction - (01939 261616 during office hours, Monday to Friday). For more information on any of our titles, simply click on the cover image.

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  1. Dog Training with Mr Perks

    Out of stock

    What Mr Perks doesn't know about training dogs could fill a book....and here it is. Learn More
  2. Distinguished Leaves

    Out of stock

    Elizabeth Darcy Jones serves up a fragrant brew in this charming volume Learn More
  3. Diary of a Victorian Lady

    A mine of information from a diary found in an attic. Learn More
  4. Deer: Artists' Impressions

    Eight leading sporting artists each have their own chapter in which they portray deer in their own unique style Learn More
  5. Barking Mad
    2015-08-21 00:00:00

    A unique collection of extraordinary, touching and sometimes bizarre but true stories covering sporting dogs (and hounds), military mascots, eccentric companions, war heroes and Royal dogs
    Stories include everything from the Labrador that saved its master from drowning to the hound that spent years travelling unaccompanied across England by train to the pooch that carried a penny to the local bakery every day to buy its own cakes.
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  6. 1001 Fly Fishing Tips

    Expert advice, hints and shortcuts from the world's leading fly fishers Learn More
  7. Raise Your Game
    2016-08-02 00:00:00

    Sport can be downright odd! Think of a tennis court and its scoring system. Or the organised chaos of a rugby scrum. Or just about everything to do with cricket. That’s why sports writer Ian Valentine and celebrated cartoonist Oliver Preston have teamed up to produce this wonderful accompaniment to all things sport.

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  8. Cows in Trees
    2016-06-13 00:00:00

    Highly qualified veterinary surgeon Julian Earl, entertains the reader with a few of his favourite tales and events from his long career, not to mention the most bizarre of all – attending to a cow stuck in a tree! Chapters are littered with anecdotes, hilarious memories, and veterinary stories all told in a lighthearted style with plenty of examples and practical advice on what one should try and avoid when working as a veterinary surgeon. James Herriot for the 21st Century.  
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  9. Cat Tales
    2016-08-24 00:00:00

    A beautifully produced hardback featuring a unique collection of extraordinary, whimsical and sometimes bizarre but true stories.
    From cats that loved birds to cats that danced, sang and even saved their owner's lives, this unique collection of feline stories brings together some of the strangest and most endearing tales from the past two centuries – and best of all, the stories are true.
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  10. How to Die in the Outdoors
    2017-05-24 00:00:00

    The Book That Makes Dying by Heart Attack Seem Downright Boring 

    Simply by living a normal life, you have an excellent chance of becoming yet another statistic on the list of leading causes of death. But Buck Tilton prefers to ponder the alternatives. In How to Die in the Outdoors, he presents 150 more interesting and unique ways to perish, from snake bite, elephant foot, rhino horn, and more! 

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