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Smoking Food with Smoky Jo and Dry Aging Meat at Home are the latest cookbooks to join over ever expanding food and drink range. Simply click on the cover image of any title for more information.

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  1. Good Game

    A departure in game cookery books, drawing together from all over Europe a wide range of recipes. Learn More
  2. Game & Fish Cookbook

    This book is absolutely packed with just about every game recipe imaginable Learn More
  3. Fit for Table

    Leading chef Mike Robinson has collaborated with Nick Ridley to prepare a step-by-step guide which is easy to follow Learn More
  4. Distinguished Leaves

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    Elizabeth Darcy Jones serves up a fragrant brew in this charming volume Learn More
  5. Dishes with Dashers

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    Last remaining copies in stock Learn More
  6. Deer Burger Cookbook

    Rick Black shares a wide variety of deer burger recipes, so you'll never get bored eating the same old chilli and jerky Learn More
  7. Cooking and Dining with the Wordsworths

    A detailed account of Wordsworths' domestic life, including over 100 recipes of the best Lakeland fare. Learn More
  8. Backpack Gourmet

    A superb handbook for quick, easy and healthy eating on the trail

    Learn More
  9. Smoking Food at Home with Smoky Jo
    2016-06-27 00:00:00

    Let Smoky Jo and Smoky Georgina guide you through their easy-to-follow and informative book. The authors, owners of the highly regarded food smoking school, Smoky Jo’sare masters of their craft and have removed the mystery and imparted the fun into smoking food. 

    Whilst still being aimed at the novice or the professional smoker alike, in this second edition of their book, the authors push back the boundaries of smoking food, opening up an exciting world of possibilities and culinary delights. With up-to-date information on food smoking, food safety, new smokers and smoking accessories they encourage the reader to have fun, to experiment and to smoke the usual, the unusual and the extraordinary.

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  10. Bursting Bubbles
    2017-06-02 00:00:00

    The rise and rise of a group of artisanal producers in Champagne over the last twenty years has challenged everything we thought we knew about this famous region. In Bursting Bubbles, Robert Walters takes us on a journey to visit these great growers. Along the way, he reveals a secret history of Champagne and dispels many of the myths that still persist about this celebrated wine style. Controversial and ground breaking, Bursting Bubbles will change the way you think about Champagne.

    "...This is part history lesson, part travel adventure story and wholly entertaining to read. It reminds me of  Kermit Lynch’s ‘Adventures On The Wine Route’ with an Australian accent."  — The Wine Depository

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