We stock a large number of fishing books, with a wide range of fly fishing, fly tying and coarse fishing books. Our latest fishing titles are shown first and thereafter all in alphabetical order. Simply click on the cover image of any title for more information. If you need any assistance in choosing one of our fishing titles, please contact Matt, our resident keen but 'amateur' fisherman during office hours ( 261616)– who would be delighted to help.

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  1. Skues on Trout

    From the new American Fly Fishing Classic Series, Skues on Trout showcases one of angling's greatest theorists sharing his hard won wisdom along his beloved trout streams Learn More
  2. Single Handed Spey Casting

    A superb handbook combining clear explanatory text with excellent sequence photography on single-handed spey casting Learn More
  3. Simple Flies

    Sometimes the best fly is a simple one. Whether you are a beginner looking to get started with tying or an expert looking to get back to the basics, these simple wet flies, nymphs, dry flies, and streamers will often catch fish as well as – if not better than – more complex patterns. This guide shows you all the techniques, tools and materials you need to get started.

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  4. Sight-Fishing the Flats and Beyond

    Captain Karas offers the most effective sight-fishing tactics. He shows you how to choose fly-fishing tackle, flies, spinning gear, and gives tips on sight-fishing the surf, and tidal ponds. Learn More
  5. Sight Fishing for Trout

    Sight fishing expert Landon Mayer teaches you what you need to know to spot the trout before you cast Learn More
  6. Setra the Sea Trout & Other Stories

    Setra, a great sea trout, enters the Tors river estuary from the sea in spring, whilst an old fisherman hopes to catch Setra on his up-river journey. Learn More
  7. Selectivity

    A fascinating and comprehensive fly-fishing book for those difficult-to-catch trout and salmon Learn More
  8. Seasons for Trout

    An expert fly-fishing trio offers winning practical advice and years of collective wisdom for success in catching trout all year long Learn More
  9. Scotland's Classic Wild Trout Waters

    This book is a practical, highly informative guide to some of the finest wild trout fishing in Scotland. Learn More
  10. Salt Water's Greatest Gamefish

    A comprehensive guide to essential tackle, techniques and strategy for the world's top saltwater species, on both conventional tackle and fly. Includes information on how and where to catch all the fastest, toughest, and biggest saltwater gamefish, including striped bass, bonefish, tarpon, tuna, mako sharks and more.

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