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  1. Training the Modern Show Jumper

    A practical, no-nonsense guide to training the modern Show Jumper. Useful solutions for everyday training problems are provided, and in addition, present day dvelopments are crucially scrutinized. Learn More
  2. Training Spaniels

    A step-by-step guide for the novice trainer Learn More
  3. Training Retrievers

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    Nigel Mann started training gundogs by desiring a well-behaved shooting companion.

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  4. Training a Young Pointer

    Entertaining and informative, a great read for all who want to own and train a working dog Learn More
  5. Traditional Shiatsu for Horses - Threshold Picture Guide 45

    How to improve your horse's health and well-being with the traditional Oriental therapy, Shiatsu. Learn More
  6. Traditional Food in Shropshire

    A fascinating read for anyone interested in the country, with it's stories of food riots, local industries, cooks, explosive firewood and more. Learn More
  7. Traditional Archery

    This comprehensive guide on traditional archery is now in full colour, updated and revised throughout. Learn More
  8. Trace, Copy and Colour

    A tracing, colouring and copying book for the young pony clubber. Learn More
  9. Total Recall

    This is a superb book for anyone training a puppy, whether it's your first time, or your tenth! Learn how to enjoy your training journey, improve your relationship and have fun with your dog!
    An international bestseller, this book is divided into three parts: Preparation; a detailed Recall Training Programme; and a problem solving section.
    Enjoy your training journey, improve your relationship and have fun with your dog!
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  10. Total Airguns 2nd edition

    All one wants to know about air rifle hunting is included in this thoroughly comprehensive second edition Learn More

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41-50 of 610