Quiller Books

  • A year in the life of a moor

    Last week we were lucky enough to have A Year On The Moor featured in Country Life Magazine in time for the Glorious 12th.
  • Cartoons From the Horse's Mouth

    Want to know what your horse is thinking, or saying to his companions when out in the field – then Cartoons From the Horse's Mouth is for you.
  • A Celebration of Grouse

    "Tarquin Millington-Drake's first book, A Year on the Moor, showcases everything we love about our unique uplands in a spectacular way, says Marcus Janssen.
  • Western Morning News review On Your Shoot

    A new book on the practicalities of running a game shoot will appeal to the growing number of shooting folk, says Philip Bowern
  • On Your Shoot

    Liam Bell, NGO Regional Chairman for Shropshire, has written a practical and comprehensive guide to running your own shoot.

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