Let's Ride!

Let's Ride!

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Linda's very special techniques, easily learnt through this book by the young (or adult!) rider, inspire confidence in both rider and mount


Here with the help of hundreds of photographs, world-famous horse expert Linda Tellington-Jones explains how to ride and handle horses and ponies using methods every equine will love.

You will learn how to teach your horse or pony to be more confident so he's safer for you to ride. You will be shown the secrets of TTeamwork and TTouches that can make such a difference to your riding and your horse's well-being. And you will discover how you can have more fun with your horse, both on and off his back, while building a special partnership. The instruction includes:

  • Leading and handling
  • Tacking up
  • Mounting and dismounting
  • Rider exercises
  • Bareback fun
  • Jumping with confidence
  • Balance and safety


Accomplished horsewoman Linda Tellington-Jones is internationally recognised for her work with animals of all kinds. In 1993 she received a Lifetime Achievement Award for 'outstanding contribution to the science and art of the teaching of riding' from the American Riding Instructors Association. Author of several best-selling horse books, including Getting in Touch with Horses, she spends much of the year travelling the world lecturing and working with horses.

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Sub Heading Fun and TTeamwork with Your Horse or Pony
ISBN 9781872082967
Author Linda Tellington-Jones
Binding Hardback
Extent 275 x 200mm, 121 pages
Illustrations Colour illustrations
Ebook No

'Children will feel inspired by Linda Tellington-Jones approach. Designed to boost confidence, Linda's TTeam philosophy mixes safety with good horsemanship and fun....explained through simple diagrams and clear colour photographs.' Horse & Hound

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