Theodore Gordon on Trout

Theodore Gordon on Trout

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From the American Fly Fishing Classic Series, a selection of Gordon's trout fishing tales and lessons.


From the American Fly Fishing Classic Series, a selection of Gordon's trout fishing tales and lessons.  It includes his theories on trout behaviour and imitating flies and the ascendency of the bamboo fly rod and eyed hook.  Despite the considerable differences between his time and ours, today's anglers will be fascinated by the similarities this great writer shares about the sport, which still hold true today.

Theodore Gordon is maybe a name that is not well known outside of the USA so this pocket sized book by Paul Schullery that is so full of stories, wit, wisdom and theories is an interesting read for those not familiar with his work. First time readers of Gordon may be a little surprised by his informal often rambling nature of his stories and accounts. By many he is still considered the pioneer of dry fly fishing in the USA. The Catskill valleys were to become his home where he was to take a stand against polluters, angling's class wars, and the sport versus subsistence debate. During his life (1854-1915) he witnessed many changes, the commercial arrival of split cane rods, silk lines and eyed hooks along with the introduction to his favourite streams of European Brown Trout, all of which were major issues at the time. His life was often unhappy, various biographers have described a failed business career, poor health, money problems and a lonely existence, but through this book we share his memories of big fish he never hooked, fish he hooked and lost, and his hopes for each new season. 

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Sub Heading Talks and Tales from a Great American Angler
ISBN 9780811702737
Author Edited by Paul Schullery
Binding Hardback
Extent 153 x 102mm, 160 pages
Illustrations 29 black & white illustrations
Ebook No
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