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  1. Ride With Your Mind Essentials

    During twenty-three years of research it has been Mary Wanless's personal mission to expose the secrets of horsemanship, breaking down riding skills into 'bite-size chunks' and finding ways of describing them that work for average riders. The net result is that her acclaimed 'Ride With Your Mind' teaching methods can successfully turn average riders into talented ones. 

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  2. Let's Ride!

    Linda's very special techniques, easily learnt through this book by the young (or adult!) rider, inspire confidence in both rider and mount Learn More
  3. Napoleon's Ulcer

    Reduced to clear Learn More
  4. The Cast

    Mastering the art of casting is the challenge for fly fishers who want to fully enjoy the sport in all kinds of conditions. Learn More
  5. Nichola Fletcher's Ultimate Venison Cookery

    Everything the deer enthusiast will need need to know from sourcing a deer to serving it up - the ultimate venison book Learn More
  6. Themed Lesson Plans

    A wealth of ideas, exercises and plans for group or individual lessons for all abilities, all levels and all ages Learn More
  7. The Ultimate Horse Behaviour and Training Book

    Explains how TTEAM training and TTouches can influence many behaviours that are viewed by humans as problems Learn More
  8. Everyday Jumping for Riders and Instructors

    This book is designed for training jumpers and riders and horses, whether schooling at home, or under instruction in group lessons or as individuals. Learn More
  9. The Rise

    After centuries of observation, anglers are still trying to solve the mysteries of that magical instant when a trout takes a fly. This book, based on scientific research, provides the many clues. Learn More
  10. The Great Shoots 2nd Edition

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    This book is unique in the history of sporting literature: the first and only one ever to embark on a comprehensive survey of the gameshooting scene both as it was and as it stands today.

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21-30 of 138