An Odyssey in Steam

An Odyssey in Steam

Available June 2017

This book is a eulogy that captures the skills, sounds and smells of the great days of steam engines and one which will be coveted by rail enthusiasts, modellers and artists alike.




An Odyssey in Steam, David C Bell’s fifth book, is a product of two of his passions – paintings and steam engines. This work goes back many years with the author painting these engineering masterpieces. It is a unique look at the railway industry during the steam age – featuring the numerous engines from The National Railway Museum of York collection, the Flying Scotsman, NYMR, Carr Loco Doncaster and many more.

This odyssey has been illustrated and annotated by the author to produce a book that will be coveted by any railway enthusiast. It is not only fascinating to read but a stunning marriage of words and pictures. 

  • Beautifully illustrated and annotated by David C Bell, a railway and maritime artist of note
  • A unique history on the steam age from 'Rocket' to 'Mallard'
  • With an introduction from Ross Morell
  • Presents numerous engines from the resident collection at The National Railway Museum of York
  • Features the Flying Scotsman, NYMR, coronations, Carr Loco Doncaster and any more



David C Bell, born in Lincolnshire in 1950, attended Trinity House Navigation School and joined the Merchant Navy as a navigator. Nine years later he changed careers and gained a BA Honours Degrees at Hull College of Art. He is primarily known as a marine artist and his first ever commission was of a Vulcan bomber, but it was sea water and steam which proved to be his main attraction in painting for a living. His previous titles include the bestselling A Nautical Odyssey and  most recently, H M S Victory.

Book Specifications

Additional Information

Sub Heading 'Rocket' to 'Evening Star'
ISBN 9781846892523
Author David C Bell
Binding Hardback
Extent 102 pages, 248 x 300mm
Illustrations Paintings
Ebook No
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