A Year on the Moor

A Year on the Moor

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A unique and stunning photographic account of life on and around a grouse moor.



A Year on the Moor is a unique photographic account of life on and around a grouse moor. The author was given unlimited access to record the grouse and other species throughout the year, their habitat and its management, the shooting season, and the people who work on the moor and depend upon it for their livelihoods. These extraordinary and beautiful photographs capture and record some of the greatest grouse years of modern times. 

The book takes one through the seasons as those that work on the moor see them: the harshness of winter, the constant battle against disease and vermin, the unpredictable weather, the burning of the heather, the new life of spring and the importance of the ‘Glorious Twelfth’. This superb coffee-table tome is the culmination of seven years of travelling to and from the north, capturing thousands of images, processing, sorting and discarding the majority. The resulting images reflect the author’s respect for grouse and the moor in all their wildness and beauty.
  • Extraordinary photographs of the grouse in flight
  • A sumptuous and unique photographic account of life through the seasons on and around a grouse moor
  • Culmination of seven years of the author’s travelling to and from the north, capturing, sorting and discarding thousands of images
  • Superb gift for those interested in moorland and these magnificent birds
Tarquin Millington-Drake has had a life-long passion for salmon fishing, with 25 years fishing the mighty Alta river in Norway and is fanatical about pigeon shooting. He started his career with the safari company Ker & Downey and progressed to become managing director of Frontiers International. In 1999 he became president of the Ponoi River Company and during 2001 assisted in the creation of Shackleton International building up a portfolio of first-class fishing operations around the world. He remains managing director of the European Frontiers office to this day.
His work has taken him all over the world requiring him to photograph some of the remotest places and fascinating people. He is a regular contributor to The Field and Fieldsports magazines, and has also had his photographs published in Country Life, Gray’s Sporting Journal (US), and Field of Dreams (2013) along with countless Frontiers’ publications.
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Sub Heading No
ISBN 9781846892134
Author Tarquin Millington-Drake
Binding Casebound
Extent 276mm x 328mm, 160 pages
Illustrations 200 colour photographs
Ebook No

The extremely high-action shots where, almost incredibly, patterns of flying shot have been captured mid-air, zooming towards (or possibly past) whirring grouse which have been photographed in breath-takingly crisp focus. The speed and clarity of the images take us beyond the realm of human perception, and it would be possible to spend a lifetime on the moor without seeing some of the fine, exquisite detail captured in this book. As a coffee table book, it would be hard to imagine a better or more comprehensive expose of life on a grouse moor, from the wild snowscapes to the cosy bustle of the pub on a shoot day. With an engaging modesty, Millington-Drake lets his pictures do the talking, and they are so beautifully reproduced that almost every one deserves to be mounted and framed in its own right.’ Patrick Laurie, The Heather Trust

‘A Year on the Moor is a unique photographic account of life on and around a grouse moor.... This superb coffee table tome is the culmination of seven years of travelling to and from the north, capturing thousands of images, processing, sorting and discarding the majority. The resulting images reflect the author’s respect for grouse and the moor in all their wildness and beauty.’ Jill Grieve, Countryside Alliance

'I am now in no doubt that his grouse shooting photography is in a league of its own. Think breathtaking vistas, a kaleidoscope of big skies, purple heather and moody light, rich and varied flora and fauna, and perhaps above all else, the excitement and unrivalled challenge of the king of the gamebirds. The end result is a book that is not only visually spectacular - and it truly is - but one that perfectly captures the beauty of a grouse moor in all of its moods throughout the year. If you love grouse moors, I assure you, you will love this.' Marcus Janssen, Fieldsports

'A Year on the Moor takes a season-by-season approach to life on and around a grouse moor. Using stunning full colour photography, this coffee-table tome showcases the beauty of an ever-changing landscape and the people whose livelihoods depend on its careful management.' Kim Forrester, Shooting Time

'The Author is to be congratulated on such a book that will make readers look on the red grouse and moorland in a different way.' Ray Collier, Highland New Group

'Tarquin Millington-Drake has spent seven years recording the life of two of England’s greatest grouse moors in sensational photographs, revealing that there is so much more to this way of life than just the shooting season.' Paula Lester, Country Life

'To photograph grouse in flight is a feat that few have accomplished – they are widely revered as one of the fastest flying birds, and the way in which they hug the contours of the hill make them extremely hard to follow with a naked eye, let alone a lens. With this in mind, the photos showcased within these pages are even more impressive and represent a huge amount of research and ground-breaking camera work. To flick through the pages of A Year On The Moor is to get a glimpse into this magical world.' Patrick Tillard, The Gentleman's Journal 

'The large format book – more dining table than coffee table – gives this hugely-talented and dedicated photographer room to show off some truly incredible images of the landscape, the people and the animals to be found on a grouse moor. Taken season-by-season, he shows the moor in all its moods, from the bleakest days of winter, when snow covers the ground, to the height of summer, when the heather turns purple and the grouse shooting begins.' Philip Bowern, Western Morning News

'With few words but some of the best photographs of their type, the book captures the harshness of winter, the unpredictable weather, heather burning, the new life of spring and what that means for the many species on the moor, and the importance of ‘the Glorious Twefth’. Sophia Gallia, NGO

'It is most definitely a book worth having in your libary or out on a coffee table for visitors to browse through'. BASC Shooting and Conservation

'The photographic account takes us through the seasons on a grouse moor, from the harshness of winter to the new life of spring.' Sporting Gun

'With more than 200 incredible images- from the charismatic birds themselves to the scenery, the dogs, and the people – it really is a celebration of all that we who shoot, beat, pick-up and load love about our uplands.' Fieldsports

‘This is a marvellous appreciation of everything that goes into making a grouse moor successful. And, quite apart from the stunning images of the varied birdlife found on the moors, this book makes a distinct impression in highlighting the passion of all those involved. This fine book is a joy to behold and will make you want to be a beater on the moor, never mind a gun in a butt…’ Shooting Gazette




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